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Mandarin Calendar - Days of the Week & Months
Week days and months are numbered in Mandarin Chinese, so once you've learned your basic numbers it's fairly easy to learn the Mandarin calendar.
Ghost Month - Mandarin Vocabulary For Ghost Month
Ghost Festival is held during ghost month - the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar. Ghost month is the time when ghosts and spirits roam the land of  ...
Dong Zhi - Winter Solstice - Dong Zhi in Chinese Culture
The shortest day of the year – the winter solstice – is called Dōng Zhý (冬至) in Mandarin Chinese and has special meaning in the traditional Chinese calendar.
Astrology: Find Your Sign and Element in Chinese Calendar
Find your birth year, which tells you the Sign and Element (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire Earth or Water). The dates are for that year in the Chinese calendar.
The Chinese Lunar Calendar and the Chinese Zodiac - China Travel
The Lunar Calendar: The Chinese lunar calendar is based on the cycles of the moon. Cycles in the Calendar: The Chinese calendar counts years in cycles of ...
Chinese Lunar Calendar - Chinese Culture - About.com
About Chinese lunar calendar and related customs and traditions.
Chinese Calendar - Chinese Culture - About.com
Chinese lunar calendar, lucky days, 12 animal signs, history of Chinese calendar and Western-Chinese calendar converter.
Did the ancient Chinese Birth Gender Chart work for you?
Aug 29, 2010 ... 2 out of 2!!! My first was a boy and it predicted a boy 11yrs ago.. Have a 7 month baby girl and the Chinese calendar was once again right!
Ancient Chinese Gender Chart - Girl or Boy? - Pregnancy & Childbirth
Legend has it that this chart was found in an ancient tomb in China and is supposedly based on the Chinese lunar calendar. By using the mother's age at ...
Chinese New Year Index - Chinese Culture - About.com
To learn everything here about Chinese New Year. ... In Chinese lunar calendar, July 7th is regarded as the Chinese Valentine's Day. There is a beautiful ...
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