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Chinese Holidays and Festivals by Season - Chinese Culture
From Chinese New Year to the Dragon Boat Festival, learn everything you need to know to celebrate all the Chinese holidays and festivals. From how to prepare  ...
Chinese Holiday Guide - A Guide to Chinese Holidays - China Travel
There are all kinds of holidays in China these days, both traditionally celebrated and relatively new. Here's a quick break-down of the different holidays. Click the  ...
Events, Holidays and Festivals in China - China Travel - About.com
Event listings, festival information and holiday roundups. Information on the events, festivals and holidays in China.
Chinese Food for Chinese Festivals and Western Holidays
Here you'll find recipes for preparing special food for Chinese festivals and western holidays, along with information on China's more famous traditional festivals, ...
Buddhist Holidays 2014 Illustrated Calendar - Buddhism
Chinese New Year is not, strictly speaking, a Buddhist holiday. However, Chinese Buddhists begin the New Year by going to a temple to offer incense and  ...
Chinese Holidays: Borrowing Wealth from Guanyin - Chinese Culture
Feb 28, 2011 ... 1, 2011) of the lunar calendar in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The festival is based on a Chinese legend about Guanyin, the goddess of ...
Chinese Public and Bank Holidays - China Travel - About.com
Larger bank branches in Chinese major cities are open seven days a week from approximately 9am-5pm, although some banks close between 12-2pm.
Chinese New Year Index
Yuanxiao Festival or the Lantern Festival is a traditional Chinese holiday on the 15th day of the 1st lunar month, fourteen days after Chinese New Year's Day.
Chinese Holidays - Lantern Lighting - Chinese Culture - About.com
Lantern lighting isn't only for the Lantern Festival. Learn when and how to conduct a lantern lighting ceremony.
Chinese Cuisine - Holidays and Special Occasions - Chinese Food
Holidays - Find out more about the foods associated with Chinese traditional holidays and special occasions.
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