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Laugh - Xiao - Chinese Character Profile


The Chinese character 笑 (pronounced xiào) means smile or laugh. It is composed of the radical 竹 (zhú - meaning bamboo) and the character 夭 (yāo - meaning tender or gentle).

In the character 笑, the radical 竹 takes the alternate form of ⺮. The radical supplies the meaning, while the character 夭 (yāo) supplies the sound, making 笑 apictophonetic character.

The relationship between bamboo and laughter may seem a bit vague, but you can imagine the movement of bamboo leaves in the wind as similar to the movement of a person laughing.

When you see the character 笑 in a compound word, it most likely has something to do with humor or laughter, as seen in the vocabulary list below.

Mandarin Vocabulary With Xiào

Traditional Characters Simplified CharactersPinyinEnglish
暗笑 暗笑 àn xiào snigger; snicker
爆笑 爆笑 bào xiào loud laughter
嘲笑 嘲笑 cháo xiào jeer; mockery; make fun of
咯咯笑 咯咯笑 gē gē xiào chuckle
好笑 好笑 hǎo xiào funny
歡笑 欢笑 huān xiào belly laugh
譏笑 讥笑 jī xiào sneer at
開玩笑 开玩笑 kāi wán xiào to play a joke; to make fun of
可笑 可笑 kě xiào funny
露齒而笑 露齿而笑 lòu chǐ ér xiào grin
取笑 取笑 qǔ xiào make fun of
微笑 微笑 wēi xiào smile
笑話 笑话 xiào huà joke
笑容 笑容 xiào róng smile
笑聲 笑声 xiào shēng laughter
笑語 笑语 xiào yǔ cheerful talk
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