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Chinese Character Profile - Shui - Water


The Chinese character 水 (shuǐ) means water or liquid. It is a pictograph depicting the flowing main current of water with whirlpools to the sides.

Shuǐ is also a radical, but the radical takes a different form, as can be seen in the left side of the character 氿 (guǐ), which means spring (of water).

The radical shuǐ is used in many characters related to water or liquid, such as:

  • 氾 – fàn – overflow; flood
  • 汁 – zhī – juice; fluid
  • 汍 – wán – weep; shed tears
  • 汗 – hàn – perspiration
  • 江 – jiāng – river

Mandarin Vocabulary With Shuǐ

Traditional Characters Simplified CharactersPinyinEnglish
含水 含水 hán shuǐ watery
口水 口水 kǒu shuǐ saliva
不透水 不透水 bù tòu shuǐ waterproof; watertight
下水道 下水道 xià shuǐ dào sewer
墨水 墨水 mò shuǐ ink
多水分 多水分 duō shuǐ fèn juicy
大水 大水 dà shuǐ flood
山水 山水 shān shuǐ landscape
恐水病 恐水病 kǒng shuǐ bìng rabies
檸檬水 柠檬水 níng méng shuǐ lemonade
水果 水果 shuǐ guǒ fruit
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