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Mandarin Chinese Character Profile

我 Wǒ


Chinese Character - Wo

The Mandarin Chinese character 我 (wǒ) shows a hand (手) holding a spear (戈). The hand radical 手 (shǒu) is used here in the form of 扌, a character which is always used in combination with other characters.

An early form of 我 showed two spears crossing. This evolved into its present form, a hand holding a spear, which is an undeniable symbol of ego assertion, and therefore an appropriate representation of “I; me.”

Mandarin Vocabulary with Wǒ

Pinyin Characters Meaning
Wǒ men 我們 we; us; ourselves
Wǒ zì jǐ 我自己 myself
Wǒ de 我的 my; mine

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