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Chinese Names

Names are very important in Chinese culture. They can affect a person's self-esteem and influence the expectations of others. To choose an auspicious name for their baby, parents can consult a fortune teller who will consider the baby's Zodiac sign, family name, and parental expectations to choose characters which are harmonious with each other and offer the best chance for success in life.

Chinese Baby Names for Boys
There are many things to consider when choosing Chinese names for baby boys. Besides the meaning of the name, special consideration is given to the qualities of the Chinese characters which make up the baby boys Chinese name.

Chinese Baby Names for Girls
Many things must be considered when choosing a Chinese name for a baby girl. To ensure a prosperous life for their baby girl, Chinese parents choose her name carefully.

Chinese Names
Chinese names provide an interesting glimpse into Chinese culture. The family name comes first, reflecting the importance of family relationships. The family name is followed by the given names, and the name as a whole must be chosen with care. Anyone who is studying Mandarin and plans to travel to China or Taiwan should adopt a traditional three-character Chinese name.

Choosing a Chinese Name
Students of Mandarin Chinese usually take a Chinese name to help them learn about Chinese culture and to smooth the way when practicing their Mandarin with native speakers.

Common Chinese Family Names
There are thousands of Chinese family names, but only about 100 are used by most of the population of China, Taiwan, and overseas Chinese. This list of 20 of the most popular names will get you acquainted with the sounds of Chinese surnames and the customs surrounding names and introductions.

Combining Characters for a Good Chinese Name
Having a Chinese name is important for Mandarin students, but Chinese names must be considered in context with surnames. A bad combination of surnames and given names may cause embarrassment to the bearer.

Considering Strokes for Choosing a Chinese Name
The fine art of choosing a good Chinese name includes considering the number of strokes that make up each of the three characters.

Chinese Chops Or Seals
Chinese chops are used to sign many types of legal documents. Chinese chops have been in use for thousands of years and are an important part of Chinese culture.

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