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Cheng Ren - Daily Mandarin Lesson

"Admit" in Mandarin Chinese


Cheng Ren


recognize; to acknowledge; to admit


Tone marks: ►chéng rèn
Tone numbers: cheng2 ren4

Chinese Characters

Traditional: 承認
Simplified: 承认

First Character: 承 (chéng) – to bear; to carry; to hold; to continue; to undertake; to take charge; owing to; due to; to receive
Second Character: 認 (rèn) – to recognize; to know; to admit

Examples of Chéng Rèn

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Tā bù chéng rèn zìjǐ de cuò wù.
He doesn't admit his own error.

Tā chéng rèn tā yǒu tōu dōngxī.
He admits that he stole things.
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