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Dui Yu - Daily Mandarin Lesson

"Regarding" in Mandarin Chinese


Dui Yu

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regarding; as far as (something) is concerned; with regards to


Tone marks: ►duì yú
Tone numbers: dui4 yu2

Chinese Characters

Traditional: 對於
Simplified: 对于

First Character: 對 (duì) – couple; pair; to be opposite; to oppose; to face; for; to; correct (answer); to answer; to reply; to direct (towards sth); right
Second Character: 於 (yú) – in; at; to; from; by; than; out of

Examples of Duì Yú

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Duìyú zhècì de bǐsài tā hěn yǒu xìnxīn.
He has a lot of confidence in regards to this match.

Duìyú nǐ de jiànyì ,wǒmen huì kǎolǜ.
In regards to your proposal, we will consider it.
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