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Jue De - Daily Mandarin Lesson

"To Feel" in Mandarin Chinese


Jue De


to think; to feel


Tone marks: ►jué dé
Tone numbers: jue2 de2

Chinese Characters

Traditional: 覺得
Simplified: 觉得

First Character: 覺 (jué) – feel; find that; thinking; awake; aware
Second Character: 得 (dé) – obtain; get; gain; proper; suitable; proud; contented; allow; permit; ready; finished

Examples of Jué Dé

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Nǐ jué de zhāng xiān sheng rén zěnme yàng?
What do you think of Mr. Zhang?

Wǒ jué de zhè bù diàn yǐng hěn wú liáo.
I think this movie is really boring.
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