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Sui Shi - Daily Mandarin Lesson

"Any Time" in Mandarin Chinese


Sui Shi

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at any time


Tone marks: ►suí shí
Tone numbers: sui2 shi2

Chinese Characters

Traditional: 隨時
Simplified: 随时

First Character: 隨 (suí) – to follow; to comply with; to allow
Second Character: 時 (shí) – o`clock; time; when; hour; season; period

Examples of Suí Shí

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Rú guǒ yǒu xū yào qǐng suí shí tōng zhī wǒ.
If you need help, let me know anytime.

Wǒmen yīng gāi suí shí zhù yì ān quán.
We should always be aware of personal safety.
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