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Xiaojie - Daily Mandarin Lesson

Addressing Young Women



The Mandarin Chinese title for a young woman is xiǎo jiĕ. Although this can be translated as “miss,” xiǎo jiĕ can also be used when addressing female shop assistants of any age.

Xiǎojiĕ has two characters: 小姐. The first one, xiǎo, means “small,” or “young.” The second character, jiĕ, means “older sister.” This is in keeping with the Chinese tradition of using family terms to address strangers or acquaintances.

Examples of Xiǎojiĕ

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Xiǎojie, qǐng wén, xiànzài jīdiǎn zhōng?
小姐, 請問, 現在幾點鐘?
小姐, 请问, 现在几点钟?
Excuse me miss, could you tell me the time?

Nǐ rènshi Wáng xiǎojie ma?
Are you acquainted with Miss Wang?
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