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Yi Zhi - Daily Mandarin Lesson

"Continuously" in Mandarin Chinese


Yi Zhi


continuously; always; from the beginning of ... up to ...; all along


Tone marks: ►yì zhí
Tone numbers: yi4 zhi2

Chinese Characters

Traditional: 一直
Simplified: 一直

First Character: 一 (yì) – one; 1; single; a(n); (before verbs) "no sooner did verb happen than..."; (before a noun) entire (family, etc.)
Second Character: 直 (zhí) – straight; vertical; frank; directly; straightly; upright

Examples of Yì Zhí

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Wǒ yìzhí dōu zài zhèlǐ.
I was here the whole time.

Yìzhí wǎng qián zǒu jiù kàn dédào huǒchēzhàn.
Go straight and you will see the train station.
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