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Yun Dong - Daily Mandarin Lesson



Yun Dong

Chinese culture stresses the importance of daily exercise. Every morning Chinese parks are filled with hundreds of people doing all types of exercise.

The Mandarin Chinese phrase for exercise or sports is yùn dòng. It consists of two characters: 運動. The first one, yùn, means “to move,” or “to apply.” The second character, dòng, means “to use,” or “to act.” Yùn dòng could be translated as “to apply action.”

Yùn dòng can be used as either a verb or a noun.

Examples of Yun Dong

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Tā bù xǐhuan yùn dòng.
She doesn’t like to exercise.

Tā měi tiān zǎo shang yùn dòng.
He exercises every morning.
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