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Getting Started with Basic Mandarin Chinese Vocabulary

Lessons for those who are just starting to learn Mandarin Chinese.

User Tips - Learning New Vocabulary - Share Your Ideas
Share your ideas for learning new Mandarin vocabulary.

Learning New Mandarin Vocabulary
Here are a few ideas for learning new Mandarin Chinese vocabulary. Try several different methods to see what works best, but be sure to practice all your new words as often as possible.

Mandarin Numbers
Mandarin numbers are one of the first things a student should learn. Besides being used for counting and money they are also used for time expressions such as weekdays and months.

Mandarin Greetings
Words used for greetings are some of the most common words in Mandarin and are essential for establishing good social relations.

Mandarin Numbers: Vocabulary Patterns
After learning your Mandarin numbers, practice them by using these common vocabulary patterns for talking about people's ages and the cost of things.

Saying Goodbye
Standard greetings are important in any language, Mandarin being no exception. After a polite greeting, you must also know how to say goodbye.

Answering Questions - "Yes" and "No" in Mandarin
Mandarin does not have words which mean "yes" and "no." To express these ideas in Mandarin Chinese, you must answer questions using the positive or negative form of the question verb.

Mandarin Colors
Learning the names of Mandarin colors gives you more than just descriptive vocabulary. Mandarin colors also have strong cultural meanings, so you can gain some insight into Chinese culture by learning about color associations.

Using The Correct Tone
It is important to use the correct tone for every syllable in Mandarin Chinese. The incorrect tone will be misunderstood, so when learning new vocabulary, the correct tone must be memorized.

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