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Less Than

Mandarin Comparative Using Mei You


The Mandarin Chinese comparison which means “less than” is constructed with méi yǒu:

Noun1 méi yǒu noun2 Stative Verb.

This translates as:

Noun1 is not as SV as noun2.

The Stative Verb (SV) is a verb describing a state or condition which is quite static. Examples of Stative Verbs are tall; expensive; and important.

The Nouns can also be noun-phrases such as such as “those people,” or “the tables in this room.”

Examples of Méi Yǒu

Chicken is less expensive than beef.
Jī ròu méiyǒu niú ròu guì.
(trad) 雞肉沒有牛肉貴。
(simp) 鸡肉没有牛肉贵。

I am not as short as my cousin.
Wǒ méiyǒu biǎoqīn ǎi.
(trad) 我沒有表親矮。
(simp) 我没有表亲矮。
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