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Developing Your Mandarin Chinese


Once you have mastered the basics of Mandarin Chinese, it's time to move on to more advanced topics. In this section you will find articles about Mandarin grammar, learning Chinese characters, and exploring Chinese culture.
  1. Pronunciation & Tones
  2. Listening
  3. Mandarin Chinese Grammar
  4. Reading Mandarin
  1. Chinese Characters
  2. Chinese Culture
  3. Mandarin Jokes

Pronunciation & Tones

Besides the four tones, Mandarin has some sounds which are not used in English. Mastering these sounds will help in your Mandarin communication skills, so be sure you understand Pinyin Romanization and the unique sounds of Mandarin. And don't forget the importance of tones - without them you will be lost in misunderstanding.


Become an effective communicator in Mandarin Chinese by working on your listening skills.

Mandarin Chinese Grammar

Understanding the grammar of Mandarin Chinese is your key to speaking fluently and correctly.

Reading Mandarin

Start by reading Pinyin Romanization, then gradually introduce Chinese characters into your curriculum.

Chinese Characters

Study of Chinese characters gives you deeper insight into Mandarin Chinese as well as a better understanding of Chinese culture.

Chinese Culture

An understanding of Chinese culture can help you learn Mandarin Chinese and prepare you for a visit to a Mandarin-speaking country.

Mandarin Jokes

Mandarin jokes depend a lot on word play, so are sometimes impossible to translate. So while these jokes may not always seem funny, they are useful for expanding your vocabulary while learning a little bit about Chinese culture.

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