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Essential Mandarin Grammar - The Basics

Here are some lessons on basic Mandarin Chinese grammar. These are the Mandarin Chinese grammar rules you need to know right from the start.

Mandarin Pronouns
There are just a few pronouns in Mandarin Chinese, and unlike many European languages there are no subject / verb agreements to worry about. Just a few simple rules tell you everything you need to know about Mandarin pronouns.

Mandarin Sentence Structure
Mandarin has a different sentence structure than English or other European languages. To master Mandarin sentence structure you must learn to think in Mandarin.

Forming Questions in Mandarin
There are two different ways to make questions in Mandarin, and a mastery of each method is essential for gaining fluency in this language.

Forming Mandarin Negatives
Mandarin Chinese does not have a single word which means "no." Instead, a negative sentence is created by placing the particle "bu" before the verb.

Mandarin Chinese Adjectives
Mandarin Chinese adjectives follow the noun they describe. Learn how to use Mandarin Chinese adjectives in positive sentences, negative sentences, and questions.

Asking Mandarin Questions
Mandarin Chinese question adverbs are used to ask the "wh" questions - why, where, when, which, who, and how.

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