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Do You Have ...?

Asking For Things


The positive / negative question ►yǒu méiyǒu 有沒有 (trad) 有没有 (simp) can be used to ask Do you have? Yǒu méiyǒu literally means have or not have. It can be prefaced with a pronoun, but if the context is clear, the pronoun is usually omitted.

If you are in a store, you can ask ►yǒu méiyǒu mài - Do you sell? The correct tone is essential here - ►mài 賣 (trad) 卖 (simp) means "to sell" but ►mǎi 買 (trad) 买 (simp) means "to buy".

Examples of Do You Have?

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Do you have a pen?
nǐ yǒu méiyǒu bǐ?
(trad) 你有沒有筆?
(simp) 你有没有笔?

Does he have a car?
tā yǒu méiyǒu chē?
(trad) 他有沒有車?
(simp) 他有没有车?

Do you have any money?
nǐ yǒu méiyǒu qián?
(trad) 你有沒有錢?
(simp) 你有没有钱?

Examples of Do You Sell?

Do you sell newspapers?
nǐ yǒu méiyǒu mài bàozhǐ?
(trad) 你有沒有賣報紙?
(simp) 你有没有卖报纸?

Do you sell magazines?
nǐ yǒu méiyǒu mài zázhì?
(trad) 你有沒有賣雜誌?
(simp) 你有没有卖杂志?

Do you sell bread?
nǐ yǒu méiyǒu mài miànbāo?
(trad) 你有沒有賣麵包?
(simp) 你有没有卖面包?
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