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Mandarin Jokes

Jokes are a true test of your proficiency in a foreign language. Some of these Mandarin Chinese jokes depend on word play that requires a good knowledge of Mandarin, but others translate well into English.

Mandarin Chinese Joke - The Turtle And The Dragon
This Mandarin joke depends on the Mandarin character for dragon, which can be part of other words.

The Ticket Scalper
A ticket scalper tries to sell a ticket to a policeman in this Mandarin Chinese joke.

Dai Sui Tong
This Mandarin Chinese joke is about a student named Dai Sui Tong. His name is confused with a similar-sounding command - can you guess what it is?

One Day To Live
This Mandarin Chinese joke can be understood by students anywhere in the world.

Fire And Water
This Mandarin Chinese joke does not rely on word play, so the joke translates quite well into English. It is about a husband and wife who are out to dinner.

The Lady Stands
Mandarin Chinese jokes are often impossible to translate. This Mandarin Chinese joke depends on the fact that Chinese characters can be read from right to left or from left to right. It is an untranslatable joke, but you may learn some vocabulary and insight into Chinese culture.

Jiu Fen Yu Yuan
Jiu Fen is a town in northern Taiwan famous for its sweet dessert. This Mandarin Chinese joke makes use of the double meaning of Jiu Fen - the place name, and "nine portions".

Endorse The Check
In this Mandarin Chinese joke, a boy receives his first check and quickly goes to the bank to cash it. He is not familiar with banking procedures, though, and is a little bit nervous.

Draw A Star
This Mandarin Chinese joke depends on Mandarin homonyms. A student is confused by his teacher's instructions.

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