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Everything You Need to Start Learning Mandarin Chinese


If you are just starting to learn Mandarin, you will find essential information in this section. From tips on how to display Chinese characters to basic pronunciation and grammar guides, this is the place to start learning Mandarin.
  1. Getting Started
  2. First Mandarin Lessons
  3. Basic Mandarin Phrases
  4. Listening & Speaking
  1. Vocabulary Lessons
  2. Reading & Writing
  3. Quizzes
  4. Mandarin Songs

Getting Started

Some background about Mandarin Chinese and where it is spoken.

First Mandarin Lessons

Here's where you begin learning Mandarin Chinese. These five lessons teach you basic greetings and introduce you to Mandarin tones. The lessons are followed up with a quiz to test how much you've learned.

Basic Mandarin Phrases

These basic phrases will help you to get started with Mandarin Chinese.

Listening & Speaking

Become familiar with the sounds of Mandarin Chinese by using these audio lessons. Remember to repeat everything you hear so you can practice making the sounds of Mandarin.

Vocabulary Lessons

Learn the basics of Mandarin Chinese with these vocabulary lessons.

Reading & Writing

Begin reading and writing Mandarin with Pinyin Romanization or another phonetic system. Phonetics are an intermediate step between learning to speak Mandarin and reading and writing Chinese characters. Phonetics can also be used to write Chinese characters by using a computer input method.


These quizzes will test your knowledge of Mandarin Chinese. Try the audio quizzes to test your listening comprehension, and the reading quizzes for general understanding of Mandarin Chinese words and concepts.

Mandarin Songs

Learning songs is a great way to develop your vocabulary and learn a little bit about Chinese culture.

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