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Reviews of Mandarin Chinese Learning Materials

There are plenty of books and multi-media materials for learning Mandarin Chinese. Find out what's good and what's not with these reviews of Mandarin Chinese learning resources.

Review - Survival Chinese
Survival Chinese is an excellent book for anyone living in China or Taiwan, with lots of practical tips for learning Mandarin Chinese.

Review - The Lady in the Painting
The Lady In The Painting is an excellent introduction to learning to read Chinese characters. This version of The Lady In The Painting comes with a CD-ROM with supplementary material that will be a big help to the intermediate student of Mandarin Chinese.

Review - Chinese For Dummies
Chinese For Dummies is bound to confusing for the beginner, and does not hold much value for those who are truly interested in learning Mandarin Chinese.

Review - Knee Howdy: Challenge Chinese Vocabulary to a Duel
Knee Howdy: Challenge Chinese Vocabulary to a Duel and Bury it 'Six Feet Under' inside your Brain! provide an excellent method for overcoming the difficulties of learning Mandarin Chinese.

Review - Mandarin Chinese English Bilingual Visual Dictionary (DK)
DK Visual Dictionaries Mandarin Chinese English Bilingual Visual Dictionary is not the best Mandarin English dictionary on the market, but it could be useful as a supplement to other study materials.

Review - Oxford Beginner's Chinese Dictionary
The Oxford Beginner's Chinese Dictionary is an ideal choice for anyone just starting out learning Mandarin Chinese. It has plenty of example sentences and phrases, as well as special sections covering grammar, measure words, and language use.

Review - Chinese 24/7
Chinese 24/7 is intended for Mandarin Chinese learners living in Mainland China. Beside being a language instruction book, it offers tips and advice about daily life in China.

Review - Mandarin Chinese Learning Through Conversation
Mandarin Chinese Learning Through Conversation is a book aimed at the beginner student of Mandarin Chinese. Each book in the 2 books series of Mandarin Chinese Learning Through Conversation covers about 400 words, with plenty of reinforcement and review.

Review - Yong Ho's Beginner's Chinese
Yong Ho's Beginner's Chinese is an excellent choice for learning Mandarin Chinese. Although best supplemented with additional materials, Yong Ho's Beginner's Chinese provides a good foundation in the basics of Mandarin Chinese.

Review - Tuttle's Learning Chinese Characters
Tuttle's Learning Chinese Characters offers a way to memorize 800 of the most common Chinese characters.

Review - Learning Chinese The Easy Way
Learning Chinese The Easy Way consists of two stories in Chinese characters and explanations about the origins and development of the Chinese writing system. This book teaches a very limited set of characters, and is best suited to those with no previous experience in reading and writing Chinese characters.

Your Favorite Mandarin Apps
Do you have a favorite app for learning Mandarin Chinese? Leave your comments here.

Mandarin Chinese Apps
This selection of apps for hand-held devices can help you learn Mandarin Chinese.

wikibooks Chinese Textbook
The wikibooks Chinese textbook is a free resource available as a PDF download or as online webpages. The wikibooks Chinese textbook provides very good material for beginning students in Mandarin Chinese.

Review - Pingrid & Pablo - Learning Chinese Characters With Pingrid & Pablo
Review - Pingrid & Pablo - Learning Chinese Characters With Pingrid & Pablo Windows Software

Mandarin Chinese Textbooks
It can be difficult to find a good Mandarin Chinese textbook. These short reviews will give you a starting point, and reader suggestions will give you some more choices.

Mandarin Textbooks - User Reviews
Write your own review of a Mandarin Chinese textbook. If you know about a great Mandarin textbook, or one that should be avoided, help out your fellow Mandarin students with your ideas and suggestions. See submissions

Review - Fun With Chinese Characters
Fun With Chinese Characters is a very good series of books giving a new outlook on the Chinese writing system. Illustrated with amusing cartoons, each character is explained in an entertaining fashion and is sure to make learning Chinese characters fun.

Review - eStroke Animated Characters
eStroke is a software tool for learning how to write Chinese characters. It shows the stroke order of each Chinese character and produces animated graphics as well as worksheets which show the stroke order as well as the direction of each stroke.

Review - Reading And Writing Chinese - William McNaughton
Reading and Writing Chinese is one of the standards for learning Chinese characters. The revised edition is available in either simplified or traditional Chinese characters and covers more than 2,000 of the most common Chinese characters.

Review - Schaum's Outlines Chinese Grammar
Schaum's Outlines Chinese Grammar is an excellent introduction to Mandarin Chinese grammar. It gives many examples of each grammar point and has several exercises that accompany each section.

Review - Business Chinese CD-ROM from Michigan State University
The Business Chinese CD-ROM is a free download from the Center of Language Education and Research (CLEAR) at Michigan State University. It teaches the basics of Mandarin Chinese for anyone traveling to China for business or pleasure.

Review of ChinesePod - Website for Learning Mandarin Chinese
ChinesePod is a website for learning Mandarin Chinese. They offer elementary lessons for free, but the more advanced material can only be accessed with a paid subscription. There are plenty of lessons at all levels, though the reference section is a bit thin.

Review - Living Language Ultimate Mandarin Chinese
Living Language Ultimate Mandarin Chinese is a textbook / CD package that can reinforce previously learned Mandarin material, but it is not suitable for new students of Mandarin Chinese.

Mandarin English Dictionaries
This list of Mandarin English dictionaries will help you find one that suits your level and learning style.

Mandarin Chinese English Dictionaries - User Reviews
Let us know what you think about Chinese - English dictionaries. If you have a favorite, or you've seen one that's terrible, help out the community with your own review.

Review - Hanzi Master - Software for Understanding Chinese Characters
Hanzi Master is a software tool which shows the relationships between Chinese characters. It is very useful software for anyone learning to read and write Chinese characters.

Anki Flashcard System
The Anki flashcard system is a useful tool for learning Mandarin Chinese or any other subject. It can be used on all the major computer platforms as well as portable devices such as cell phones and the iPod touch.

Review - WaKan Software For Learning Chinese Characters
WaKan is a free software tool for learning Chinese and Japanese characters. It has many features including a dictionary, translator, text editor, and vocabulary lists.

Review - DimSum Web Page Annotator
The DimSum web page annotator adds PinYin and definitions to any Chinese-character web page. This useful tool helps Mandarin students learn to read Chinese characters.

Review - Tuttle Concise Chinese Dictionary
The Tuttle Concise Chinese Dictionary is a valuable tool for students of Mandarin. Its limited vocabulary may be not suit the needs of more advanced students, and if you are learning traditional characters, there are other dictionaries which might be more suitable.

Review - New Read Chinese - Learning Chinese Characters
New Read Chinese is a textbook which introduces Chinese characters in a methodical fashion. Reading passages combine Chinese characters and Pinyin Romanization. This method allows students to gradually build up their vocabulary of Chinese characters.

Review of Before You Know It - Language Learning Software for Mandarin Chinese
Before You Know It is a software package for learning languages. The Mandarin Chinese version of Before You Know It uses a flashcard system for developing vocabulary.

Review of Pimsleur's Mandarin Chinese
Pimsleur's Mandarin Chinese is an audio course that will give Mandarin students a good foundation in pronunciation and basic vocabulary.

Review of Rosetta Stone® Software for Learning Mandarin Chinese
Rosetta Stone is a software package for learning languages. The Mandarin Chinese version of Rosetta Stone is an excellent way to learn Mandarin Chinese.

Review - Teach Yourself Mandarin Chinese - Self Study Textbook
Teach Yourself Mandarin Chinese is an excellent textbook for learning Mandarin Chinese on your own.

Review - Reading and Writing Chinese
This is an excellent book for learning to write Chinese characters. It does not provide detailed translations or examples, so it is best used in conjunction with a good bilingual dictionary.

Review - EzPinYin Pronunciation Software for Windows
EzPinYin is a free software tool for learning Pinyin pronunciation. It allows you to combine initials with finals and specify one of the four tones. Each element of the combination has its own sound file, as well as the complete combination.

Review - Chinese Characters: A Genealogy and Dictionary
Chinese Characters: A Genealogy and Dictionary is a very useful tool for the study of Chinese characters. It is organized by character elements which make it very easy to look up characters in the dictionary.

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