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Extended Family Members

The Older Generation


Chinese family relationships reach out over several generations and through many extensions. This is a list of Mandarin Chinese names of extended family members, and each entry is accompanied by an audio file for pronunciation and listening practice.

Grandfather (Father's father)

English: Paternal Grandfather
Pinyin: zǔfù
Chinese: 祖父

Audio Pronunciation

Grandmother (Father's mother)

English: Paternal Grandmother
Pinyin: zǔmǔ
Chinese: 祖母

Audio Pronunciation

Grandfather (Mother's father)

English: Maternal Grandfather
Pinyin: wài gōng
Chinese: 外公

Audio Pronunciation

Grandmother (Mother's mother)

English: Maternal Grandmother
Pinyin: wài pó
Chinese: 外婆

Audio Pronunciation

Uncle (Father's older brother)

English: Uncle - Father's older brother
Pinyin: bó fù
Chinese: 伯父

Audio Pronunciation

Aunt (Father's older brother's wife)

English: Uncle - Father's older brother's wife
Pinyin: bó mǔ
Chinese: 伯母

Audio Pronunciation

Uncle (Father's younger brother)

English: Uncle - Father's younger brother
Pinyin: shū fù
Chinese: 叔父

Audio Pronunciation

Aunt (Father's younger brother's wife)

English: Aunt - Father's younger brother's wife
Pinyin: shěn shěn
Traditional Chinese: 嬸嬸
Simplified Chinese: 婶婶

Audio Pronunciation

Uncle (Mother's brother)

English: Uncle - Mother's brother
Pinyin: jiù jiu
Chinese: 舅舅

Audio Pronunciation

Aunt (Mother's brother's wife)

English: Aunt - Mother's brother's wife
Pinyin: jiù mā
Traditional Chinese: 舅媽
Simplified Chinese: 舅妈

Audio Pronunciation
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