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Chinese Songs for Learning Mandarin

Singing songs is a good way to practice and learn new Mandarin Chinese vocabulary. There are many children’s songs which are ideal for expanding your vocabulary. They have the advantage of being simple and repetitive, so they are an excellent way to memorize new words and phrases. The one disadvantage about singing Mandarin songs is that the tones are not always clear. Therefore, you should first learn the words by themselves – all with the proper tones, before singing the song.

The Finger Game Song
This song is an invitation to play the finger game paper, scissors, stone. The players shake hands and bow, and at the end, the loser must follow the winner.

Little Star
Little Star is a Mandarin Chinese song about the bright twinkling stars in the night sky.

Head Shoulder Knee and Toe
Head Shoulder Knee and Toe is a Mandarin Chinese song to the tune of London Bridge is Falling Down. It is a good way to learn body parts in Mandarin Chinese.

The Pedicab
The Pedicab is a Mandarin Chinese children's song about a woman taking a ride on a pedicab. She gives $1 when the fare is 50 cents. Isn't that strange?

London Bridge is Falling Down
London Bridge is Falling Down is a well-known English children's song. It has been translated to Mandarin Chinese, so learning the Mandarin version of this song is a good way to learn some new vocabulary.

The Happy Birthday Song
Learn how to sing Happy Birthday in Mandarin Chinese.

Two Tigers
Two Tigers is a children's song sung to the tune of Frere Jacques. Two Tigers tells of two tigers running through the forest - one without ears and the other without a tail.

Elephant, Why Is Your Nose So Long?
This Mandarin song asks an elephant why her nose is so long. Mandarin songs are a fun way to learn new vocabulary.

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