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London Bridge is Falling Down

Children's Song for Learning Mandarin Chinese


London Bridge is Falling Down is a well-known children's song. It has been translated into Mandarin Chinese, with a bit of a twist at the end.

Practice speaking the words to this song before you sing it. Speaking the words allows you to concentrate on the tones of each word. When singing songs, sometimes the tones are not clear.


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lúndūn tiě qiáo

lúndūn tiě qiáo, kuǎ xialai, kuǎ xialai, kuǎ xialai
lúndūn tiě qiáo, kuǎ xialai
jiù yào kuǎ xialai

Traditional Chinese Characters


倫敦鐵橋垮下來 垮下來 垮下來

Simplified Characters


伦敦铁桥垮下来 垮下来 垮下来

English Translation

London Bridge

London Bridge is collapsing, is collapsing, is collapsing
London Bridge is collapsing
Then is going to collapse some more

Hear The Song

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London Bridge in Mandarin Chinese


tiě qiáo is literally "iron bridge".

kuǎ xialai - kuǎ means "collapse" and xia lai is a verb suffix which indicates continuation.

jiù yào kuǎ xia lai - can be translated as "then is going to collapse some more" or "then will keep on collapsing".

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