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Mandarin Vocabulary

Learning new vocabulary allows you to use Mandarin in different situations. Mandarin vocabulary has two parts – the sounds of the words and the proper tones. The correct use of tones is essential in Mandarin, as many words have the same sound but different tones. Mastery of Mandarin vocabulary is never complete until you know each word with its proper tone.
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Neng, Keyi, Hui
The English word "can" has several different translations in Mandarin Chinese depending on the meaning of the word. It can be translated as Neng, Keyi, or Hui.

Mandarin Chinese discounts are expressed as a percentage of the original price. So when you see a sign offering 9 zhe, the discount price is 10% off the original.

Large Numbers
The numbering system for Mandarin Chinese is a bit different than in English, especially for large numbers, which have divisions of 10,000.

Olympic Sports Competitions in Mandarin Chinese
China is hosting the 2008 summer Olympics. Anyone who is traveling to China for the summer Olympics can brush up on their Mandarin by learning the names of all the sports competitions in Mandarin Chinese.

Mandarin Chinese Christmas Vocabulary
Christmas is not an official holiday in either China or Taiwan, but many people celebrate it nonetheless. This list of Christmas vocabulary will help you celebrate Christmas with your Mandarin-speaking friends.

Chinese Food Vocabulary
Chinese food is popular throughout the world. The names of some famous Chinese dishes have changed in Western countries, so this list of popular Chinese dishes will help if you visit a Mandarin-speaking country.

Mandarin Vocabulary - Locations
The Mandarin language uses two main suffixes for location words such as "beside." Since there are relatively few Mandarin language location words, it is fairly easy to learn this part of Mandarin language vocabulary.

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