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Banking Vocabulary


You may need to do some banking when visiting a Mandarin-speaking country, no matter whether you are traveling for pleasure or for business.

Banks in larger cities may have English-speaking staff, but don't count on it. This list of common banking terms will help, and you can always bring a Mandarin-speaking friend or colleague to act as translator.

For many transactions, you will need to present some identification. Always bring your passport (hù zhào) or ID card (shēn fèn zhèng) to the bank.

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bank yín háng 銀行
counter guì tái 櫃檯
window chuāng kǒu 窗口
teller chū nà yuán 出納員
manager jīng lǐ 經理
account zhàng hù 帳戶
open an account kāi hù 開戶
deposit (into an account) cún kuǎn 存款
withdraw money tí kuǎn 提款
cash a check duì xiàn 兌現
exchange money huàn qián 換錢
exchange rate huì lǜ 匯率
cash xiàn jīn 現金
check zhī piào 支票
cashier’s check duì huàn zhī piào 兌換支票
traveler’s check lǚ xíng zhī piào 旅行支票
credit card xìn yòng kǎ 信用卡
passport hù zhào 護照
ID card shēn fèn zhèng 身份證
visa qiān zhèng 簽證
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