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Library Vocabulary List


Learn the Mandarin names of objects, places and people found in the public library. Each entry has an audio pronunciation guide and animated Chinese characters showing the stroke order of each character.


English: Atlas
Pinyin: dìtú
trad: 地圖
simp: 地图

Audio Pronunciation


English: Author
Pinyin: zuózhě
trad: 作者
simp: 作者

Audio Pronunciation

Card Catalog

English: Card Catalog
Pinyin: shū qiǎ mùlù
trad: 書卡目錄
simp: 书卡目录

Audio Pronunciation

CD (compact disk)

English: CD (compact disk)
Pinyin: guāngdié piàn
trad: 光碟片
simp: 光碟片

Audio Pronunciation

Checkout Desk

English: Checkout Desk
Pinyin: chū jiè dēngjì chù
trad: 出借登記處
simp: 出借登记处

Audio Pronunciation

Children's Section

English: Children's Section
Pinyin: tóng shū
trad: 童書
simp: 童书

Audio Pronunciation


English: Encyclopedia
Pinyin: bǎikēquánshū
trad: 百科全書
simp: 百科全书

Audio Pronunciation

Fiction / Novel

English: Fiction / Novel
Pinyin: xiǎoshuō
trad: 小說
simp: 小说

Audio Pronunciation

Library Book

English: Library Book
Pinyin: túshūguǎn de shū
trad: 圖書館的書
simp: 图书馆的书

Audio Pronunciation

Library Card

English: Library Card
Pinyin: jiè shū zhèng
trad: 借書證
simp: 借书证

Audio Pronunciation
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