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Body Parts - The Hand


Mandarin Chinese names of the parts of the human hand, complete with audio files for pronunciation and listening practice.

After you study this vocabulary, test your knowledge with the Human Hand Audio Quiz.


English: Hand
Pinyin: shǒu
Chinese: 手

Audio Pronunciation


English: Finger
Pinyin: shǒu zhǐ
Chinese: 手指

Audio Pronunciation


English: Thumb
Pinyin: dà mǔ zhǐ
Chinese: 大拇指

Audio Pronunciation

Index Finger

English: Index Finger
Pinyin: shí zhǐ
Chinese: 食指

Audio Pronunciation

Middle Finger

English: Middle Finger
Pinyin: zhōng zhǐ
Chinese: 中指

Audio Pronunciation

Ring Finger

English: Ring Finger
Pinyin: wú míng zhǐ
Traditional Chinese: 無名指
Simplified Chinese: 无名指

Audio Pronunciation

Little Finger

English: Little Finger
Pinyin: xiǎo zhǐ
Chinese: 小指

Audio Pronunciation

Finger Nail

English: Finger Nail
Pinyin: zhī jia
Chinese: 指甲

Audio Pronunciation


English: Palm
Pinyin: shǒu zhǎng
Chinese: 手掌

Audio Pronunciation


English: Knuckle
Pinyin: zhī guān jié
Traditional Chinese: 指關節
Simplified Chinese: 指关节

Audio Pronunciation


English: Fist
Pinyin: quán tóu
Traditional Chinese: 拳頭
Simplified Chinese: 拳头

Audio Pronunciation

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Test your knowledge of the human hand with this Mandarin Audio Quiz.
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