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Common Clothing Items


Mandarin Chinese names of common clothing items, complete with audio files for pronunciation and listening practice.

After you have studied this vocabulary, test your knowledge with the Mandarin Clothing Audio Quiz.


English: Bathrobe
Pinyin: yù páo
Chinese: 浴袍

Audio Pronunciation


English: Bra
Pinyin: xiōng zhào
Chinese: 胸罩

Audio Pronunciation


English: Cap
Pinyin: wú biān mào
Chinese: 無邊帽

Audio Pronunciation


English: Dress
Pinyin: yáng zhuāng
Chinese: 洋裝

Audio Pronunciation

Evening gown

English: Evening gown
Pinyin: wǎn lǐ fú
Chinese: 晚禮服

Audio Pronunciation


English: Gloves
Pinyin: shǒutào
Chinese: 手套

Audio Pronunciation


English: Hat
Pinyin: màozi
Chinese: 帽子

Audio Pronunciation


English: Jacket
Pinyin: jiākè
Chinese: 夾克

Audio Pronunciation


English: Jeans
Pinyin: niú zǎi kù
Chinese: 牛仔褲

Audio Pronunciation

Leather jacket

English: Leather jacket
Pinyin: pí jiākè
Chinese: 皮夾克

Audio Pronunciation
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