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Environment and Weather


Learn the names of environmental and weather conditions in Mandarin Chinese. Each entry has a sound clip for pronunciation and listening practice.

Acid Rain

English: Acid Rain
Pinyin: suān yǔ
trad: 酸雨
simp: 酸雨

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English: Cloudy
Pinyin: duō yún
trad: 多雲
simp: 多云

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English: Cold
Pinyin: lěng
trad: 冷
simp: 冷

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English: Cool
Pinyin: liángshuǎng
trad: 涼爽
simp: 凉爽

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English: Drought
Pinyin: hànzāi
trad: 旱災
simp: 旱灾

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Dust Storm

English: Dust Storm
Pinyin: shāchénbào
trad: 沙塵暴
simp: 沙尘暴

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English: Flood
Pinyin: shuǐzāi
trad: 水災
simp: 水灾

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English: Fog
Pinyin: wù
trad: 霧
simp: 雾

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Forest Fire

English: Forest Fire
Pinyin: sēnlín huǒzāi
trad: 森林火災
simp: 森林火灾

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English: Hail
Pinyin: bīngbáo
trad: 冰雹
simp: 冰雹

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