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Common Medical Terms


This list of Mandarin medical terms can be useful if you have to see a doctor while in China or Taiwan. Each entry has an audio sound file for pronunciation and listening practice.


English: Allergy
Pinyin: guòmǐn
trad: 過敏
simp: 过敏

Audio Pronunciation


English: Backache
Pinyin: bèi tòng
trad: 背痛
simp: 背痛

Audio Pronunciation

Band Aid

English: Band Aid
Pinyin: O.K bēng
trad: OK繃
simp: OK绷

Audio Pronunciation

Be Sick

English: Be Sick
Pinyin: shēngbìng
trad: 生病
simp: 生病

Audio Pronunciation


English: Chill
Pinyin: fā lěng
trad: 發冷
simp: 发冷

Audio Pronunciation


English: Cough
Pinyin: késou
trad: 咳嗽
simp: 咳嗽

Audio Pronunciation


English: Diarrhoea
Pinyin: lā dùzi
trad: 拉肚子
simp: 拉肚子

Audio Pronunciation


English: Dizzy
Pinyin: yūnxuàn
trad: 暈眩
simp: 晕眩

Audio Pronunciation


English: Doctor
Pinyin: yīshēng
trad: 醫生
simp: 医生

Audio Pronunciation


English: Earache
Pinyin: ěrduo tòng
trad: 耳朵痛
simp: 耳朵痛

Audio Pronunciation
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