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World Religions And Related Religous Terms

Mandarin Chinese Vocabulary List


This vocabulary list gives the Mandarin names of the world's major religions as well as other vocabulary related to religions. Each entry shows the stroke order of the Chinese characters, and there is a sound file for each entry for pronunciation and listening practice.


English: Allah
Pinyin: ālā
trad: 阿拉
simp: 阿拉

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English: Atheism
Pinyin: wú shén lùn
trad: 無神論
simp: 无神论

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English: Buddha
Pinyin: fó tuó
trad: 佛陀
simp: 佛陀

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English: Buddhism
Pinyin: fó jiào
trad: 佛教
simp: 佛教

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English: Catholicism
Pinyin: tiān zhǔ jiào
trad: 天主教
simp: 天主教

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English: Christianity
Pinyin: Jīdūjiào jīngshén
trad: 基督教精神
simp: 基督教精神

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English: Church
Pinyin: jiào táng
trad: 教堂
simp: 教堂

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Confucian Temple

English: Confucian Temple
Pinyin: kǒng miào
trad: 孔廟
simp: 孔庙

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English: Confucianism
Pinyin: rú jiā
trad: 儒家
simp: 儒家

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English: Confucius
Pinyin: kǒng zi
trad: 孔子
simp: 孔子

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