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Toys in Mandarin Chinese


Learn the names of common toys in Mandarin Chinese. Each entry has an audio clip for listening and pronunciation practice.

Baseball Glove

English: Baseball Glove
Pinyin: bàngqiú shǒutào
trad: 棒球手套
simp: 棒球手套

Audio Pronunciation


English: Baseball
Pinyin: bàngqiú
trad: 棒球
simp: 棒球

Audio Pronunciation


English: Basketball
Pinyin: lánqiú
trad: 籃球
simp: 篮球

Audio Pronunciation

Beach Ball

English: Beach Ball
Pinyin: shātān qiú
trad: 沙灘球
simp: 沙滩球

Audio Pronunciation


English: Bell
Pinyin: líng dāng
trad: 鈴鐺
simp: 铃铛

Audio Pronunciation


English: Bicycle
Pinyin: jiǎotàchē
trad: 腳踏車
simp: 脚踏车

Audio Pronunciation


English: Blocks
Pinyin: jī mù
trad: 積木
simp: 积木

Audio Pronunciation


English: Cards
Pinyin: pūkè pái
trad: 撲克牌
simp: 扑克牌

Audio Pronunciation


English: Dice
Pinyin: shǎizi
trad: 骰子
simp: 骰子

Audio Pronunciation


English: Helicopter
Pinyin: zhíshēngjī
trad: 直昇機
simp: 直升机

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