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Trees in Mandarin Chinese


Learn the names of common trees in Mandarin Chinese. Each entry has an audio clip for listening and pronunciation practice.

Apple Tree

English: Apple Tree
Pinyin: píngguǒ
trad: 蘋果
simp: 苹果

Audio Pronunciation


English: Ash
Pinyin: báilà shù
trad: 白蠟樹
simp: 白蜡树

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English: Avocado
Pinyin: lào lí
trad: 酪梨
simp: 酪梨

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English: Bamboo
Pinyin: zhúzi
trad: 竹子
simp: 竹子

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English: Basswood
Pinyin: duàn mù
trad: 椴木
simp: 椴木

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English: Birch
Pinyin: huà mù
trad: 樺木
simp: 桦木

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English: Bonsai
Pinyin: pén jǐng
trad: 盆景
simp: 盆景

Audio Pronunciation

Coconut Palm

English: Coconut Palm
Pinyin: yēzi shù
trad: 椰子樹
simp: 椰子树

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English: Coffee
Pinyin: kāfēi shù
trad: 咖啡樹
simp: 咖啡树

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English: Cypress
Pinyin: bò shù
trad: 柏樹
simp: 柏树

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