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Mandarin Language: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
How to Pronounce Mandarin Chinese
The Mandarin language has 21 consonants and 16 vowels. They can be combined together to create more than 400 mono-syllabic sounds. This basic guide will teach you how to pronounce Mandarin Chinese with the aid of sound clips.
Mandarin Numbers
Mandarin numbers are one of the first things a student should learn. Besides being used for counting and money they are also used for time expressions such as weekdays and months.
Saying Hello
Learn how to say hello in Mandarin Chinese with this Mandarin Chinese lesson complete with audio examples for listening and pronunciation practice.
The Four Tones of Mandarin
The four tones of spoken Mandarin are used to clarify the meanings of words, and are an essential part of proper pronunciation.
Ghost Month and Ghost Festival
Ghost Festival is held during ghost month - the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar. Ghost month is the time when ghosts and spirits roam the land of the living.
Saying Goodbye In Mandarin Chinese
Learn how to say goodbye in Mandarin Chinese with this Mandarin Chinese lesson complete with audio files for listening and pronunciation practice.
Learning Mandarin Chinese
Begin with the basics when you are starting to learn Mandarin Chinese. Mastering the four tones of Mandarin Chinese is the key to mastering the language. Once you have learned the tones, you can start learning new vocabulary and phrases while learning Pinyin Romanization. Reading and writing Chinese characters is the last step.
Family Members
Learn the Mandarin Chinese names for members of the immediate family.
Should I Learn Mandarin or Cantonese?
Is it better to learn Mandarin Chinese or Cantonese? That depends on where you intend to use the language. Mandarin Chinese is spoken by more people, but Cantonese may be more practical in Hong Kong and Guangdong Province.
Musical Instuments
Learn the names of musical instruments and other musical terms in Mandarin Chinese.
The Mandarin Meaning Of Yin Yang
Yin Yang is a philosophical concept expressing the dualism of existence. The Chinese characters of Yin Yang are related to the characters for sun and moon, which are often used to represent masculine and feminine, day and night, and other opposites.
Mandarin Tone Quiz - Test Your Knowledge of...
Mandarin Tone Quiz Test Your Knowledge of Mandarin Tones Sorry, but this quiz requires that you have
Introduction to Mandarin Chinese
Mandarin Chinese is the most widely-spoken language in the world. It is the official language of China and Taiwan, and is one of the official languages of the United Nation and Singapore.
Extended Family Members
Learn the Mandarin Chinese names for members of the older generation of the extended family.
Mandarin Chinese Greetings
Words used for greetings are some of the most common words in Mandarin and pave the way for good social relations.
Mandarin Colors
Learning the names of Mandarin colors gives you more than just descriptive vocabulary. Mandarin colors also have strong cultural meanings, so you can gain some insight into Chinese culture by learning about color associations.
The Most Common Mandarin Chinese Words - Part One
The most common Mandarin Chinese words, arranged by Pinyin spelling, part one - A B C.
Mandarin Chinese Sentence Structure
Mandarin Chinese sentence structure is different from English or other European languages. To master Mandarin Chinese sentence structure you must learn to think in Mandarin.
The Happy Birthday Song
Learn how to sing Happy Birthday in Mandarin Chinese.
Learning to Write Chinese Characters
The serious student of Mandarin Chinese should learn how to write Chinese characters. This knowledge will give greater understanding of the Mandarin language as well as Chinese culture. Knowing how Chinese characters are written also allows the student to use a Chinese dictionary.
More Mandarin Chinese Greetings
Learn to say good morning and good evening in this Mandarin Chinese lesson. Listen to the audio clips to practice your pronunciation and listening skills.
Chinese Language
The official Chinese language is Mandarin Chinese, but it is just one of many languages spoken in China. Each Chinese language has its own vocabulary and grammar, but because these Chinese languages share a common culture, they are often classified as dialects.
Pinyin Romanization to Learn Mandarin
Pinyin is a system of Romanization for reading and writing Mandarin without Chinese characters. It is used as an aid to learn Mandarin speaking before beginning the difficult task of mastering Chinese characters.
Chinese Food Vocabulary
Chinese food is popular throughout the world. The names of some famous Chinese dishes have changed in Western countries, so this list of popular Chinese dishes will help if you visit a Mandarin-speaking country.
Translating From English To Chinese
It is usually quite easy to translate individual words from English to Chinese. Phrases are more difficult, and if results are critical, you may have to hire an English to Chinese translation service.
Where Is Mandarin Spoken?
Mandarin Chinese is the most widely-spoken language in the world. It is the official language of Mainland China and Taiwan, and one of the official languages of Singapore and the United Nations.
Laoshi - Daily Mandarin Lesson
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Dui Bu Qi - Daily Mandarin Lesson
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Chinese Baby Names for Girls
Many things must be considered when choosing a Chinese name for a baby girl. To ensure a prosperous life for their baby girl, Chinese parents choose her name carefully.
Mandarin Time
The Mandarin Chinese time system is fairly straightforward, and once you have learned your Mandarin numbers you just need a few more vocabulary words to be able to tell the time in Mandarin Chinese.
Mandarin Days and Months
Week days and months are numbered in Mandarin Chinese, so once you've learned your basic numbers it's fairly easy to learn the Mandarin calendar. Page 2.
The Mandarin Tone System
Mandarin is a tonal language that uses tonal inflections to determine meanings of words. There are 4 tones in the Mandarin Chinese tone system, and their mastery is essential for anyone learning Mandarin.
Why Learn Mandarin?
Mandarin Chinese is the most widely-spoken language in the world. This in itself is reason to learn Mandarin Chinese. Learning Mandarin Chinese will also give you access to the world of Chinese business, culture, and travel opportunities.
Phrases for Ordering Food
Here are some phrases that will come in handy when you visit a restaurant in China or another Mandarin-speaking country.
Mandarin Chinese Measure Words
Mandarin Chinese uses measure words for every noun. These measure words must be used when ever the noun is used with a numeral. There are more than 100 measure words, and the only sure way to learn them is through memorization.
Common Animals
Learn the names of common animals with this vocabulary list of Mandarin Chinese.
Mandarin Pronouns
There are just a few pronouns in Mandarin Chinese, and unlike many European languages there are no subject / verb agreements to worry about. Just a few simple rules tells you everything you need to know about Mandarin pronouns.
Write Chinese Characters Using Pinyin and...
Pinyin can be used to write Chinese characters using Microsoft's New Phonetic Input Method
Choosing a Chinese Name
Students of Mandarin Chinese usually take a Chinese name to help them learn about Chinese culture and to smooth the way when practicing their Mandarin with native speakers.
Mandarin Vocabulary
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Review of Rosetta Stone® Language Software...
Rosetta Stone language software is a computer package for learning languages. The Mandarin Chinese version of Rosetta Stone language is an excellent way to learn Mandarin Chinese.
Mandarin Timeframes
Mandarin Chinese does not have tenses like Western languages, but that does not stop Mandarin speakers from being precise in their placement of actions.
Mandarin Chinese Love Vocabulary
Love may be the universal language, but you still need these Mandarin Chinese words to talk to the love of your life.
Mandarin Greetings Quiz - Choose the Correct...
A short quiz to test your knowledge of Mandarin Chinese greetings.
The three DE particles in Mandarin: 的,...
The three DE particles in Mandarin: 的, 地 and 得: How to tell them apart and use them correctly
Chinese Baby Names for Boys
There are many things to consider when choosing Chinese names for baby boys. Besides the meaning of the name, special consideration is given to the qualities of the Chinese characters which make up the baby boys Chinese name.
Moon Festival
Moon Festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. It is one of the most important festivals in Chinese culture, a time for family reunions and feasts.
Piao Liang - Daily Mandarin Lesson
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Mandarin Chinese Character Profile
The Mandarin Chinese character hao is made up of two radicals - nu and zi. Hao means 'good' in English, and also functions as an intensifier.
Mandarin Tone Exercises
Mandarin tones are an essential part of the language. These tutorials and quizzes will help you master the four tones of Mandarin.
Body Parts - The Head
This is a list of Mandarin Chinese names for the parts of the human head.
Chinese Chops Or Seals
Chinese chops are used to sign many types of legal documents. Chinese chops have been in use for thousands of years and are an important part of Chinese culture.
Restaurant Vocabulary
This list of restaurant vocabulary will help you with utensils and expressing your dietary preferences.
Mandarin Chinese Tones
Mandarin Chinese is a tonal language with four tones. The Mandarin Chinese tones are used to differentiate the many homonyms of Mandarin Chinese. Tones are an essential part of the language and must be mastered early in the study of Mandarin.
Using the Telephone
Mandarin Chinese uses many of the same conventions for telephone conversations as English. This Mandarin lesson gives telephone vocabulary and example telephone dialogues.
Do You Speak Mandarin?
It's important to practice your Mandarin every chance you get. If you are just starting, you may need to explain your level of Mandarin and ask for new vocabulary. These audio clips will help you carry on a simple conversation with a Mandarin speaker.
Asking Yes / No Questions in Mandarin
There are two different ways to make yes / no questions in Mandarin, and a mastery of each method is essential for gaining fluency in this language.
The third tone in Mandarin Chinese
Learning the third tone in Mandarin Chinese: Avoiding common problems and getting it right
Learn to Read Chinese Characters
To the untrained eye, Chinese characters may seem like a random collection of lines, but characters have a logic of their own which can reveal clues to their meaning and pronunciation.
Sea Animals Vocabulary List
The names of common sea animals in Mandarin Chinese, complete with animated Chinese characters and audio pronunciation files.
Mandarin Chinese Audio Clips
Mandarin Chinese audio clips are great for practicing your pronunciation and listening skills. This list of Mandarin Chinese audio clips will help you find the most appropriate audio clips for your language skill level.
How to learn Chinese characters efficiently
How to learn Chinese characters efficiently: Learning and remembering words
Display Chinese Characters on Windows XP
Mandarin uses Chinese characters, and if your computer cannot display Chinese characters, support for this feature must be installed.
Chinese Punctuation Marks
Chinese punctuation marks have a similar function to their English counterparts, but they are sometimes written differently.
Essential classroom Mandarin Chinese
Essential classroom Mandarin Chinese: Learning Chinese in Chinese
Stroke Order for Chinese Characters
Chinese characters are written with specific stroke orders to minimize hand movement and make the characters more beautiful.
Tone Excercise 1
Mandarin is a tonal language, so the tones must be mastered to gain fluency in Mandarin. This exercise includes audio files and combines the first tone with the second, third and fourth tones.
Where Do You Live?
There are many ways to ask where a person lives, depending on how specific you wish to be, or whether the person is from another country.
Huan Ying - Daily Mandarin Lesson
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Common Chinese Family Names
There are thousands of Chinese family names, but only about 100 are used by most of the population of China, Taiwan, and overseas Chinese. This list of 20 of the most popular names will get you acquainted with the sounds of Chinese surnames and the customs surrounding names and introductions.
Bopomofo – Zhuyin Fuhao
Bopomofo is a phonetic system used for learning Chinese characters. It is widely used in Taiwan, but Mainland China uses a Romanization system called Pinyin.
Hotel Vocabulary
Here is a list of Mandarin Chinese hotel vocabulary and phrases you may need when visiting a Mandarin-speaking country.
Learn to Speak and Read Mandarin Chinese
Learning to speak and read Mandarin Chinese may seem difficult, but overall, learning Mandarin Chinese is no more challenging than learning other languages. This page of resources will guide you towards the essentials of learning to speak and read Mandarin Chinese.
Mandarin Chinese Dialog
Here is a simple dialog to introduce you to spoken Mandarin Chinese.
Time Periods
Mandarin Chinese has time expressions for discussing the current time period, the previous time period, the previous two time periods, the next time period, and the next two time periods.
Mama Huhu - Daily Mandarin Lesson
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Learn the names of common flowers in Mandarin Chinese with this vocabulary list. Each entry has audio for listening and pronunciation practice.
Saying "And" In Mandarin Chinese
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Saying Goodbye
Standard greetings are important in any language, Mandarin being no exception. After a polite greeting, you must also know how to say goodbye.
Setting Up Windows XP for Mandarin Input
In the "Text Services and Input Languages" box, click the "Add" button to add Chinese as an input language.
Mandarin Seasons and Weather
Learn common vocabulary to talk about the weather and the seasons in Mandarin Chinese.
Qixi Festival - Chinese Valentine's Day
Qixi Festival - Chinese Valentine's Day: The story of the Weaver Maid and the Cowherd
Chinese Translation
Several websites have tools which offer a Chinese translation of your English documents. The Chinese translation that these websites provide are computer generated, and may not be accurate.
Mandarin Chinese Grammar
Mandarin Chinese adjectives follow the noun they describe. Learn how to use Mandarin Chinese adjectives in positive sentences, negative sentences, and questions.
Large Numbers
The numbering system for Mandarin Chinese is a bit different than in English, especially for large numbers, which have divisions of 10,000.
Lantern Festival
Lantern Festival falls on the first full moon of the lunar new year. It marks the end of the New Year festivities and celebrates the return of the sun after the long winter. These Mandarin words and phrases will help you understand more about this important Chinese festival.
The Two Mandarin Twos
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Some of the most important vocabulary to prepare before going to a Mandarin-speaking country is phrases and words for asking directions. This Mandarin Chinese lesson comes complete with audio files to help you with your pronunciation.
Mandarin Word of the Day — Learn a New...
Learn a new Mandarin word every day complete with audio clips for pronunciation and listening practice and example sentences.
The Basics of Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year is the most important festival in Chinese culture. These Mandarin Chinese phrases will help you celebrate Chinese New Year.
Little Star
Little Star is a Mandarin Chinese song about the bright twinkling stars in the night sky.
Mandarin Tones Quiz Results
Mandarin Tone Quiz Results Thanks for taking our example quiz. Learn more about Mandarin tones by reading
Tang Yuan - Traditional Chinese Dish Served on...
Tang yuan is a dish of glutinous rice balls served in a sweet broth. In Chinese culture, tang yuan is served on Dong Zhi - the winter solstice, and by eating tang yuan you welcome in the winter and become one year older.
Fish - Yu - Chinese Character Profile
The Chinese character for fish is a pictograph pronounced yu. The earliest form of this character clearly showed a fish, but the modern forms are more stylized. Learn Mandarin Chinese vocabulary related to the character for fish.
Body Parts - The Hand
Learn the names of the human hand with this vocabulary list of Mandarin Chinese.
Taiwan Mandarin
The Mandarin of Taiwan is a bit different from the Mandarin of Mainland China. Taiwan Mandarin is influenced by the Taiwanese language, and can have unique vocabulary and grammar usage.
Chinese Character Profile - Nu - Woman
The Chinese character for woman is a pictograph which shows a woman taking a large stride. This character is also a radical which is used in many Chinese characters related to femininity.
Shanghainese - The Language of Shanghai
Shanghainese is spoken in the Shanghai district. Shanghainese is distinct from Mandarin Chinese, but both languages use Chinese characters for writing.
Shenme - Daily Mandarin Lesson
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Household Items
Learn the names of common household items such as furniture and fixtures with this vocabulary list of Mandarin Chinese.
Mandarin Dialects
There are many variation of the Mandarin language, but Mandarin dialects are understandable by anyone who knows standard Mandarin - the official language of China, Taiwan, and Singapore.
School Subjects
Learn the Mandarin Chinese names of common school subjects with this Mandarin vocabulary list, complete with audio clips for pronunciation and listening comprehension.
Mandarin Tones - Changing Tones
Mandarin is a tonal language with four distinct tones. Mandarin Chinese tones are usually constant for every syllable, but sometimes the tone will change when used in combination with other tones or syllables.
Dai Sui Tong
This Mandarin Chinese joke is about a student named Dai Sui Tong. His name is confused with a similar-sounding command - can you guess what it is?
Learning to Read Chinese Characters
Using a mixture of Pinyin and Chinese characters, Mandarin students can gradually become accustomed to reading Chinese number characters.
Neng, Keyi, Hui
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Putonghua - Standard Mandarin Chinese
Putonghua is the official language of the People's Republic of China. Putonghua, also known as Mandarin Chinese, is based on the Beijing dialect, and was originally the language of the Chinese imperial court.
Mandarin Phrases For Giving And Receiving Gifts
There are many rules in Chinese society around the giving and receiving of gifts.
Banking Vocabulary
This list of common banking terms will help you with your banking in Mandarin-speaking countries.
Common Medical Terms
This Mandarin vocabulary list covers common medical terms that might be used when seeing a doctor.
The Importance of Strokes in Chinese Characters
Strokes are the fundamental building blocks of Chinese characters. All Chinese characters can be written with the 8 basic strokes, and many dictionaries use stroke count as a method of classifying Chinese characters.
The Types Of Chinese Characters
There are six different types of Chinese characters, ranging from simple pictographs to more complex compound characters. Understanding how the types of Chinese characters have evolved can be an important tool in studying reading and writing Chinese characters.
The "Le" Particle
Mandarin verbs do not conjugate depending on tense, but there are other ways to express time in Mandarin. The le particle is used to indicate actions which have been completed.
Bu Hao Yi Si - Daily Mandarin Lesson
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Mandarin Chinese Input Methods
It used to take years of study to write Chinese characters, but now anyone with a computer can write Chinese charcters by learning a few simple rules of pronunciation.
Kuai Le - Daily Mandarin Lesson
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Mandarin Conditional Sentences
Mandarin conditional sentences are stated with the Mandarin Chinese words ruguo and yaoshi. The conditional statement is usually preceded with jiu, which is not always translated into English.
The Mandarin Calendar
The Mandarin calendar is relatively easy to learn, once you know your Mandarin numbers. Each day of the week and each month is given a number, so there is only a small amount of new vocabulary to learn.
Aunt; Auntie
Pinyin Tone Marks ā yí Pinyin Tone Numbers a1 yi2 Meaning aunt; auntie Examples Āyí lái le 阿姨來了! 阿姨来了!
Ordering Beverages
China is famous for its tea, but there are lots of other beverages to sample when you are visiting a Mandarin-speaking country.
The Chinese Zodiac in Mandarin
The Chinese Zodiac is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. Each of the 12 signs of the Chinese Zodiac lasts for one year from the first day of the lunar year.
Computers and Computer Peripherals
Learn the Mandarin Chinese names for computers and computer peripherals with this Mandarin Chinese vocabulary list. Entries include audio files for pronunciation practice of Mandarin Chinese words for computers and computer peripherals.
How to Pronounce 'Thank You' in Chinese
How to pronounce 谢谢 (謝謝) ”xièxie” in Chinese without sounding like a tourist, i.e. with correct pronunciation.
Body Parts - The Torso
Learn the names of the human torso with this vocabulary list of Mandarin Chinese.
Mandarin Future Using Yao and Hui
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Common Clothing Items
Learn the names of common clothing items with this vocabulary list of Mandarin Chinese.
The Mandarin DE Particle
The DE particle is most often used as a possessive modifier, but it can also be used with adjectives and for emphasis.
Duoshao Qian - Daily Mandarin Lesson
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Choosing a Chinese English Dictionary
Students of Mandarin Chinese need a good Chinese English dictionary. These reviews will help you choose a Chinese English dictionary that's right for you.
Two Tigers
Two Tigers is a children's song sung to the tune of Frere Jacques. Two Tigers tells of two tigers running through the forest - one without ears and the other without a tail.
Because ... Therefore
To give reasons in Mandarin Chinese, you can use a two-phrase sentence. The first phrase begins with yinwei - because. The second phrase begins with suoyi - therefore. Even though suoyi is not usually translated in English, it is required in Mandarin sentences.
Common Professions
Learn how to say common professions in Mandarin Chinese with this vocabulary list. Each entry has an audio file for listening and pronunciation practice.
Asking Mandarin Questions
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How to learn to understand spoken Chinese
How to learn to understand spoken Chinese: Overcoming common problems with listening ability
Pronouncing The Mandarin NG
There are two finals that use the Mandarin NG sound - ang and eng. The NG sound is similar to the English NG sound in singer, except that the tongue is placed near the back of the mouth, blocking air flow.
Using the Zai Particle
The zai particle has several functions in Mandarin Chinese. It is most commonly used as a location word, but it can also be used as a preposition and to show continuing action.
Mandarin Words And Phrases About The Five...
The Five Elements form the cornerstone of Chinese philosophy and culture. Find out about the five elements while learning related Mandarin Chinese vocabulary.
Mandarin Comparisons
The Mandarin particle bi is used for saying that a person or thing has more of a quality than another person or thing. Once the pattern has been learned, this Mandarin comparative is quite easy to use.
Baba - Dad
Pinyin Tone Marks bà ba Pinyin Tone Numbers ba4 ba Meaning dad, father (informal) Example Tā shì wǒ bàba.
One Day To Live
This Mandarin Chinese joke can be understood by students anywhere in the world.
Common Birds in Mandarin
Learn the Mandarin names of common birds with this vocabulary list of birds. Each entry has an audio file for pronunciation and listening practice.
Review of Pimsleur Mandarin Chinese
Pimsleur Mandarin Chinese is an audio course that will give Mandarin students a good foundation in pronunciation and basic vocabulary.
Learn Chinese
There are many reasons to learn Chinese. If you learn Chinese you will have more travel, business and cultural opportunities available.
Keyi Neng Hui - Mandarin Chinese Grammar Quiz -...
A short quiz to test your understanding of the three Mandarin Adverbs Keyi, Neng, and Hui.
Travel Vocabulary
This list of Mandarin Chinese travel vocabulary will help get you started when you visit a Mandarin-speaking country like Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, or Malaysia.
Countries of the Americas
Mandarin names for countries and nationalities are very different from their English counterparts, but nationalities all follow the same pattern.
Mandarin Language - Example Sentences Using...
Here are some examples sentences using Mandarin language placement terms vocabulary. Page 2.
Essential Vocabulary for Travelers
Useful vocabulary for travelers heading for a Mandarin-speaking vocabulary.
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