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Readers Respond: Learning Aids for Mandarin Chinese

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Do you have a favorite software tool for learning Mandarin Chinese? Let us know which ones are good and which ones to avoid.

online learning

I would give worldwordexchange.com a try. It seems to work well and is relatively inexpensive. As well as Chinese has Spanish and Thai.

improve your chinese

I want to recommend on extremely good source of learning chinese. this is serge melnyk lessons. in Google just type "serge melnyk" and choose "all chinese..."

a great learning tool

hi.. my name is manuel .. and im trying to learn chinese . i have gone threw the net trying to find a great learning tool for chinese in english but with not that great result ... im not saying theres none !! but one day i came on a tool that impressed me !!! but there a little problem.. im trilingual i talk english,portugues and french so for me its not a problem to learn chinese with the french translation ... so... if you know how to talk french, theres a great french\ chinese tool online...and free... try it and you will like it im sure...the address is http://parlezchinois.free.fr/activites.htm .. good luck ... and have fun learning ... ciao amigos...
—Guest manumus1

Google translator.

I am on a website where many languages can be studied. Every message and every excersise can be translated in your native language from the one studying. Those translations are done by Google translation maschien. It like all other online translation maschiens sucks!!! A mixture that must be puzzled out and many not translated + wrong translations!!! I got personal experiences with it.
—Guest LiSi_anteweipuren

A good site to learn Chinese

http://www.chinese-course.com It is well organized and everyone goes at his own speed and preferences. I love it!
—Guest Danny

Favorite tools

http://www.mandarintools.com ... I'm not learning the Chinese characters at this time, but, the searches recognize them as well. Personally, I chat with a girl in Chengdu, and find this website quite useful for Pin Yin. For other needs, like web pages etc. Google Translate will translate the whole page, and without it, I'd of never gotten the International version of QQ installed on my computer. I don't have FireFox installed at work, and prefer to keep things similar at home so I don't need to worry about configuration issues for applications. Yet, I do have a friend that is a developer for FireFox, and it is quite impressive some of the advanced features can do.
—Guest Truett

Anki - great tool to learn vocab

Supports hanzi as well as auto-generation of pinyin! Under linux you can create audio files for your mandarin sentences using swac http://ichi2.net/anki/ http://polyglotte.tuxfamily.org/autres/anki_swac_en.html
—Guest Peter Huewe

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