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Readers Respond: Dictionaries - The Best and the Worst

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If you have a favorite Chinese - English dictionary, or you've seen a real dud, help out your fellow Mandarin students by posting your review here.

I really like EZ-HAN for iPhone!

I really like the newest release of EZ-HAN (Version 1.3). It is a VERY COMPREHENSIVE Mandarin dictionary for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It's more than just a bi-directional dictionary. It does Mandarin text translation analysis for students of all levels, business professionals and travelers. You can paste in emails, webpages, etc. for translation. Additionally, it instantly translates between Simplified and Traditional scripts (i.e. Mandarin and Cantonese). It has more than 105,000 Mandarin words and phrases with more than 500,000 English words and phrases. Users can search by characters, Pinyin, homonyms, rhymes, etc. There is even a full tutorial at www.at-tariq.com. Go to the Products link and click on EZ-HAN. I speak ten languages, am a serious student of Mandarin and have been using it for months. The newest version is a vast improvement over the previous and very useful - especially since I read BBC Chinese on the train to and from work. I also get assignments over email.

xi dian

oxford concise or regular dictionary, others as well so long as there is a key
—Guest hayim philippart

Electronic Chinese-English dictionary

I would like you to know...model am101 is very good in theory, BUT very disappointing in practice!! The small speaker makes such an un- intelligible noise, one cannot even hear anything sensible !!
—Guest Yun-Chin Leong

DianHua for iPhone

There's another CEDICT-based tool, an application for the iPhone available in the iPhone App Store called DianHua. Allows English, pinyin, simple or traditional character searches, returns definition, pinyin, and optionally either simple, traditional, or both.
—Guest Uncle Mikey

Electronic Dictionaries

I have been using a software program for my PDA called PLECO, it is by far the best thing I have run across. It is much more than a dictionary, it has character recognition as well as built in flashcard capability. It accepts both traditional and simplified characters, as well as pinyin and english. I have found it to be the best thing since sliced bread. You can use it on Palm devices, smartphones, and most PDA's. You download it online at http://www.pleco.com Check it out.

Oxford Beginner's Chinese Dictionary

Love this little dictionary. It has large blue headings, organized sensibly for starting learners. The format makes it much easier to read and look for the word you need. I only wish their OTHER dictionary was formatted this way as the number of words in the beginner version quickly becomes too few. It also has great little expanded topics interspersed throughout near the most relevent entries which teach more about specific topics such as telling time, travelling, and some of the more difficult verbs.
—Guest Oxford Beginner's Chinese Dictionary
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