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Chinese Characters

Impress your friends and colleagues by writing Chinese. Besides the wow factor, learning Chinese characters gives you a deeper understanding of the Mandarin language.

Mandarin Language Spotlight10

Mandarin Phrases For Giving And Receiving Gifts

There are many rules in Chinese society around the giving and receiving of gifts.

Review - Survival Chinese

Survival Chinese is an excellent book for anyone living in China or Taiwan, with lots of practical tips for learning Mandarin Chinese.

Review - The Lady in the Painting

The Lady In The Painting is an excellent introduction to learning to read Chinese characters. This version of The Lady In The Painting comes with a CD-ROM with supplementary material that will be a big help to the intermediate student of Mandarin Chinese.

Games Of China

Learn the Mandarin Chinese names of some of the enduring games of China.

Review - Chinese For Dummies

Chinese For Dummies is bound to confusing for the beginner, and does not hold much value for those who are truly interested in learning Mandarin Chinese.

Mandarin Phrases For Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine has been used for thousands of years, and still remains popular in Chinese communities around the world.

Review - Knee Howdy: Challenge Chinese Vocabulary to a Duel

Knee Howdy: Challenge Chinese Vocabulary to a Duel and Bury it 'Six Feet Under' inside your Brain! provide an excellent method for overcoming the difficulties of learning Mandarin Chinese.

Review - Mandarin Chinese English Bilingual Visual Dictionary (DK)

DK Visual Dictionaries Mandarin Chinese English Bilingual Visual Dictionary is not the best Mandarin English dictionary on the market, but it could be useful as a supplement to other study materials.

Review - Oxford Beginner's Chinese Dictionary

The Oxford Beginner's Chinese Dictionary is an ideal choice for anyone just starting out learning Mandarin Chinese. It has plenty of example sentences and phrases, as well as special sections covering grammar, measure words, and language use.

Review - Chinese Characters: A Genealogy and Dictionary

Chinese Characters: A Genealogy and Dictionary is a very useful tool for the study of Chinese characters. It is organized by character elements which make it very easy to look up characters in the dictionary.

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