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Qiu Gui Su

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Qiu-Gui Su is a native speaker of Mandarin who has been teaching Mandarin Chinese since the mid-1990s.

You can also read more about Qiu-Gui's current and past work on her Google Profile: Qiu-Gui Su.


Qiu-Gui is fluent in both Mandarin and English. Born and raised in Taiwan, Qiu-Gui developed a strong interest in English from an early age. Qiu-Gui began teaching Mandarin while studying in the US. In 1996, Qiu-Gui began working at an English school, where she spent time teaching Mandarin to coworkers and students.

By Qiu Gui Su:

Mandarin is becoming increasingly important - both for business and travel. I am delighted to meet so many Westerners who are interested in Chinese culture and the Mandarin language. If you have any questions or comments about Mandarin, please post them in the Mandarin language forum so that other Mandarin students can benefit from the discussion.

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