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Mei You - Daily Mandarin Lesson

"Don't Have" in Mandarin Chinese


Mei You


haven't; hasn't; doesn't exist; to not have; to not be


Tone marks: ►méi yǒu
Tone numbers: mei2 you3

Chinese Characters

Traditional: 沒有
Simplified: 没有

First Character: 沒 (méi) – negative prefix for verbs; have not; not
Second Character: 有 (yǒu) – to have; there is; there are; to exist; to be

Examples of Méi Yǒu

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Tā méiyǒu shuōhuǎng.
He didn’t tell a lie.

Míngtiān wǒ méiyǒu kōng.
I don't have any free time tomorrow.
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