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Shenme - Daily Mandarin Lesson

Asking "What"



The Mandarin Chinese word for “what” is shénme. It is most commonly used as a question word, but can also be used in certain expressions like méi shén me - 沒甚麼 (it doesn’t matter).

Shénme has two characters: 甚麼. The first character shén 甚 means “what” and the second character is a non-independent particle which is always used in conjunction with other characters.

Shénme occurs after the verb it references, or when used with a noun, can appear at the beginning of the phrase.

Examples of Shénme

Nǐ yào chī shénme?
What do you want to eat?

Shénme dìfang bǐjiào hǎo wán?
What place is fun?
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