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A Guide to Online and Offline Mandarin Resources

Thanks to the popularity of Mandarin there are plenty of learning resources available. Mandarin students can use online tools for translating, converting traditional characters to simplified characters (and vice-versa), and adding phonetics such as Pinyin or Zhuyin. Traditional offline resources include text books and character dictionaries.
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Mandarin On Linux
The Linux operating system can be set up as a learning tool for Mandarin Chinese. Learn how to install and use the iBus input method for writing Chinese characters.

Tips For Learning Mandarin Chinese
There are many ways to learn Mandarin Chinese, and finding out the best way for you depends on understanding your learning style.

Share Your Tips For Learning Mandarin Chinese
Please share your tips and ideas for learning Mandarin Chinese.

Mandarin Software Tools - Use Mandarin Software Tools for Learning Ma…
Mandarin software tools can help you learn Mandarin Chinese by translating or converting Mandarin documents or web pages.

Mandarin Software Tools - Reader Suggestions
Mandarin software tools can make it easier to study Mandarin Chinese. Here are some favorites suggested by your fellow students.

Where To Study Mandarin Chinese?
Mandarin Chinese is one of the most popular languages, so there are many ways to learn it. From elementary level classes to Asian language schools, you have plenty of choices when it comes to learning Mandarin Chinese.

Learning Mandarin Chinese
There are some aspects of learning Mandarin Chinese that are difficult, but overall, learning Mandarin Chinese is no more challenging than learning other languages. This page of resources will guide you towards the essentials of learning Mandarin Chinese.

Typing PinYin with Tone Marks
This IME editor allows you to type Pinyin with tone marks in any Windows program. Only for Windows NT/2000/XP and Vista. The installation program can be downloaded directly from this link, but better read the notes on the main page.

An Introduction to Chinese Characters
This animated presentation provides an introduction to Chinese characters while explaining how characters were developed and what they mean.

BBC Introduction to Mandarin Chinese
The BBC has put together an attractive introduction to Mandarin Chinese, including cultural background and simple Mandarin phrases.

Convert Pinyin to Other Romanization Systems
Pinyin is the most popular method of Romanization, but it is not the only one. This tools allows you to convert to and from several phonetic systems, including Yale, Wade-Giles, and Bopomofo.

Translating From English To Chinese
It is usually quite easy to translate individual words from English to Chinese. Phrases are more difficult, and if results are critical, you may have to hire an English to Chinese translation service.

Chinese Translation
Several websites have tools which offer a Chinese translation of your English documents. The Chinese translation that these websites provide are computer generated, and may not be accurate.

Mandarin Summer Camps
Summer is a great time for kids to learn Mandarin. This list of summer programs offers lots of choices to learn Mandarin in the summertime.

Mandarin Language Learning
Maximize your Mandarin language learning efforts by choosing materials that match your language learning style.

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