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Mandarin Vocabulary for Every Occasion


This section will give you lots of practical Mandarin phrases and expressions that you can use in particular situations.
  1. Business
  2. Countries and Nationalities
  3. Chinese Family Relationships
  4. Mandarin Chinese for Traveling
  1. Mandarin Chinese for Ordering Food
  2. Festival Vocabulary
  3. Vocabulary Lists


Many people want to learn Mandarin Chinese to tap into China's huge economy. Business people should learn basic conversation skills first, but these lists of specialized business words will also be useful.

Countries and Nationalities

The countries and nationalities of the world in Mandarin Chinese.

Chinese Family Relationships

As you progress in your knowledge of Mandarin, you may develop friendships with Chinese families, in which case you will need to know who is who within the family. Deciphering Chinese family relationships can be bewildering, but these vocabulary guides will get you started.

Mandarin Chinese for Traveling

Phrases and vocabulary to help you while traveling in Mandarin-speaking countries.

Mandarin Chinese for Ordering Food

Vocabulary lists of food, Chinese cuisine, as well as phrases for ordering food.

Festival Vocabulary

Mandarin Chinese phrases for Western and Asian festivals and holidays.

Vocabulary Lists

Learn related words with these vocabulary lists arranged by topic.

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