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Cars Vocabulary List


Mandarin Chinese vocabulary related to cars. Use this vocabulary list to learn the names of types of cars and car parts. Each entry has an audio pronunciation guide as well as animated Chinese characters to show how each character is drawn.

air bag

English: air bag
Pinyin: ānquán qì náng
trad: 安全氣囊
simp: 安全气囊

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air conditioning

English: air conditioning
Pinyin: lěng qì
trad: 冷氣
simp: 冷气

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English: backseat
Pinyin: hòu zuò
trad: 後座
simp: 后座

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English: battery
Pinyin: diàn píng
trad: 電瓶
simp: 电瓶

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brake light

English: brake light
Pinyin: shà chē dēng
trad: 煞車燈
simp: 煞车灯

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brake pedal

English: brake pedal
Pinyin: shà chē tà bǎn
trad: 煞車踏板
simp: 煞车踏板

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English: bumper
Pinyin: bǎoxiǎn gān
trad: 保險桿
simp: 保险杆

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English: camper
Pinyin: yě yíng yòng chē
trad: 野營用車
simp: 野营用车

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English: Car
Pinyin: qìchē
trad: 汽車
simp: 汽车

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child safety seat

English: child safety seat
Pinyin: hái tóng ānquán zuò yǐ
trad: 孩童安全座椅
simp: 孩童安全座椅

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