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Computers and Computer Peripherals


Learn the Mandarin Chinese names for computers and computer peripherals. Each entry has a sound clip for pronunciation and listening practice.


English: Computer
Pinyin: diàn nǎo
trad: 電腦
simp: 电脑

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Compact Disk

English: Compact Disk
Pinyin: guāng dié
trad: 光碟
simp: 光碟

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Floppy Disk

English: Floppy Disk
Pinyin: cí dié piàn
trad: 磁碟片
simp: 磁碟片

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Hard Drive

English: Hard Drive
Pinyin: yìng dié
trad: 硬碟
simp: 硬碟

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Joy Stick

English: Joy Stick
Pinyin: kòngzhì gān
trad: 控制桿
simp: 控制杆

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English: Keyboard
Pinyin: jiànpán
trad: 鍵盤
simp: 键盘

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English: Laptop
Pinyin: bǐjì xíng diàn nǎo
trad: 筆記型電腦
simp: 笔记型电脑

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Memory Stick

English: Memory Stick
Pinyin: suí shēn dié
trad: 隨身碟
simp: 随身碟

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English: Memory
Pinyin: jìyìtǐ
trad: 記憶體
simp: 记忆体

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English: Monitor
Pinyin: yíng mù
trad: 螢幕
simp: 萤幕

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