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Mandarin Names of Common Flowers


Flowers speak the universal language of beauty, but mere mortals must use words to describe these beautiful things. This vocabulary list has the Mandarin Chinese names of common flowers, along with audio clips for listening and pronunciation practice.

1. African Violet

English: African Violet
Pinyin: fēizhōu zǐ luólán
trad: 非洲紫羅蘭
simp: 非洲紫罗兰

Audio Pronunciation

2. Amaryllis

English: Amaryllis
Pinyin: gōng rén cǎo
trad: 宫人草
simp: 宫人草

Audio Pronunciation

3. Buttercup

English: Buttercup
Pinyin: máo gèn
trad: 毛茛
simp: 毛茛

Audio Pronunciation

4. Carnation

English: Carnation
Pinyin: kāng nǎi xīn
trad: 康乃馨
simp: 康乃馨

Audio Pronunciation

5. Chrysanthemum

English: Chrysanthemum
Pinyin: jú huā
trad: 菊花
simp: 菊花

Audio Pronunciation

6. Daffodil

English: Daffodil
Pinyin: shuǐ xiān
trad: 水仙
simp: 水仙

Audio Pronunciation

7. Dahlia

English: Dahlia
Pinyin: dà lì huā
trad: 大麗花
simp: 大丽花

Audio Pronunciation

8. Daisy

English: Daisy
Pinyin: chú jú
trad: 雛菊
simp: 雏菊

Audio Pronunciation

9. Dandelion

English: Dandelion
Pinyin: pú gōng yīng
trad: 蒲公英
simp: 蒲公英

Audio Pronunciation

10. Hibiscus

English: Hibiscus
Pinyin: mù jǐn
trad: 木槿
simp: 木槿

Audio Pronunciation
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